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BBQ-FYI News -- Happy Memorial Day!
May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend BBQ!

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a three day weekend of fun in the sun (I hope it will be sunny), which will include a good dose of barbecuing. It doesn't matter if you're cooking bbq in the backyard, or at the lake, or even on the deck of your 3rd story apartment, food always tastes better cooked outside!

In this edition of the BBQ FYI News some of my favorite recipes for those holiday barbecues are highlighted. Some are quick and easy, while others will require more time in preparation and cooking. Just pick and choose what works best for you.

This weekend also kicks off the introduction to Summer fun, which is much welcome after the Winter cold and the Spring rains. Be safe this weekend, and have fun!


Great Picnic Recipes

BBQ Chicken Thighs
Chicken thighs are probably my favorite part of the chicken. Funny story, well, kind of scary too. My neighbor Jenny called me the other day, frantic, saying her grill caught on fire. Big fire! By the time I arrived, the fire was pretty much out. I figured the gas line ruptured, but it didn't. She was grilling chicken thighs, skin-on, and the grease accumulated under the grate. It got hot and flared up big time! She grabbed the extinguisher, so she was ok. Still had all here hair. I recommended that if she was grilling fatty chicken, do it on a raised rack (cooling rack) in a shallow baking pan to catch the grease.

Herbed Salmon
Fresh herbs and green onions are packed into a foil envelope with the salmon overnight to infuse the fish with flavor. Grilled in the foil, this recipe tastes great and makes cleanup easy.

Flat Iron Steak
This flat iron marinade recipe really adds great depth of flavor to tender flat iron steaks. Marinate for a few hours, grill quickly, and slice thin to serve.

Smoked Baby Back Ribs
The baby back slabs are seasoned with a wet rub mixture, then smoked at 225 degrees for about four hard-to-be-patient-while-waiting hours.

Beer Can Chicken
Use some of that holiday cheer beer in a beer can chicken or two. For some reason it seems like you just can't mess up a beer can chicken. I take that can. I remember my sister's husband's 4th of July "flaming beer can chickens". That's a story I'll have to share with you one day! LOL

More Recipes

Smoked Turkey Legs
These take some advance preparation, and a little while to cook, but they are oh so good!

Bacony Beef Brisket
A brisket flat is covered with lovely bacon, then grilled indirectly until done.

BBQ Hamburgers
This recipe was my Dad's specialty, and they always came out great. This is another foil wrapped, easy cleanup recipe.

BBQ Chicken Legs
These are great eating, and fun for the kiddies! Why? They have a built in handle!

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