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BBQ-FYI News -- Smoking Beef
May 03, 2010

Smoking Beef

When you think of smoking beef, you usually think of cooking briskets that end up falling-apart tender. But did you know you can also use your smoker for other cuts of beef that are at their best cooked to medium-rare or medium?

Prime rib and standing rib roast are great, but are at their best served rare to medium. Any more than that and the meat loses its juicy tenderness. Typically a rib roast is cooked in the oven until it's near the final desired temperature. But you can also cook one in the smoker.

The lower cooking temperature of the smoker actually does a better job of cooking a rib roast than higher temperature cooking. At higher temperatures, the outside of a rib roast cooks to medium-well as the inner part of the roast comes up to rare or medium-rare.

When smoker cooked at a lower temperature, the beef is more evenly done, from the outer surface to the center. It takes longer, but who cares? You're also adding some great smokiness to the prime rib that you'll never get in the oven.

The only downside to smoking a prime rib or standing rib roast is that the outer surface doesn't become nicely browned. But there's a little trick that I use to compensate. I remove the rib roast from the smoker when it's about 10 degrees under the final temperature I want. After resting for 10 minutes I put the beef into a hot oven or grill (450 degrees) for 10 minutes, or until the outer surface browns. It's removed, allowed to rest 5 more minutes, and served.

Like this, the rib roast is done perfectly, all the way through. Plus, it's nicely browned AND has some great smoky flavor.

Other cuts of beef work well in the smoker. Tri tip roasts, bottom rounds... you can even smoke up some T-bones if you want to enjoy some smokiness with that beef you've been craving.


Smoked Beef Recipes

Smoked Prime Rib
This recipe is designed for ease, with few ingredients a single step of cooking. But it can be modified easily by including a dried herb or two when seasoning, then using the above mentioned process of browning in the oven or grill.

Smoked Tri Tip
Beef tri tip isn't sold everywhere. It's taken from the bottom sirloin, so it often ends up as sirloin steaks. Ask the meat man for it if you don't see it. This one is great with a spicy dry rub and red oak for smoke flavor.

Smoked London Broil
London broil is actually a cooking method, not a cut of beef. It's usually made with a top round roast, but flank steak can also be used. After marinating, the beef is smoked to medium-rare.

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