Barbecue Cookers Come In Many Styles

There's a whole slew of barbecue cookers on the market. There are gas grills, charcoal grills, portable grills and tailgating grills...pit smokers, water smokers, charcoal smokers and electric smokers.

Not to mention table top grills, stove top smokers, and top-of-the-line natural gas drop-in grills for outdoor barbecue islands. Whew! Now that was a mouthful!

A bbq cooker can range from, well, the kitchen range, to a custom made, trailer mounted wood burning pit smoker. A crock pot or a dutch oven. Even that weird looking, rust covered, post mounted charcoal brazier at the park.

Barbecuing is traditionally done at a low temperature for extended periods, using burning hardwood as the heat source. That burning wood is also what gives traditional barbecue its great smoky flavor.

The word "barbecue" has for the most part come to be used for just about outdoor cooking style, or outdoor cooked food. And many believe that if it's covered with barbecue sauce, it's barbecue.

Whether it's traditional, or non-traditional barbecue you are after, there's a barbecue cooker that'll work for you. Below, you'll find information about different types of grills and smokers, including how to use 'em and what to look for when shopping for one.