Great Tasting Barbecue Rub Recipes

Well made barbecue rub recipes make a world of difference in the flavor of your barbecue briskets, ribs, chicken and chops. Mix 'em up to suit your taste. The cayenne pepper is optional...

Barbecue Rub Recipes For Beef, Pork and Poultry

Just about every cut of meat benefits by being seasoned with a tasty bbq rub. And not all rubs are dry, either. There are wet rub recipes, too.

Nice and spicy Brisket Rub Recipe is made with a variety of different powdered peppers for both flavor and heat.

When smoking pork shoulders, butts or roasts, this pork dry rub mix adds a lot of flavor. The big jolt of flavor compensates for the taste carried away by the melting fat. Makes a great shredded pork seasoning, too. Here's another pork rub recipe that's low in sugar and salt, and high in flavor.

Great for grilled or smoked briskets, this easy brisket rub recipe has a mild yet full flavor. There's no heat, and it's kind of sweet!

Many rubs are complicated, but these basic dry rubs get by with just a few ingredients. Three dry rub recipes for variety...Texas style, Oniony, and 3 Pepper rubs.

Barbecuing a brisket or beef roast? This beef rub recipe is a good one to use. It's a little on the sweet side, so don't use it over direct heat.

When chicken is in the plans, a barbecue dry rub with traditional poultry seasonings works well. With sage and thyme, this chicken dry rub is good for grilled or smoked chicken. And the beer can chicken made with this is out of this world!

Perfect for ribeyes, this steak rub recipe is best if made in advance. That lets the spice flavors meld together, creating a really nice steak dry rub. Also good for chicken.

Beef brisket can be flavored with a nice, mellow onion powder and garlic rub, or a hot and spicy Texas Brisket Rub with cayenne pepper and cumin. If possible, briskets should be rubbed with the spice mixture the day before being cooked. This allows the flavorings to absorb deep into the meat fibers, making for a really tasty meal.

Pork ribs can take a good rubbin' too. Since the meat is thin around the spare rib bones, they don't have to rest overnight before being cooked. The rib rub can go on an hour or so before the ribs are smoked, grilled or baked in the oven and they'll be just fine. Try a Memphis Rib Rub or this Kansas City Dry Rub next time you cook up some pork ribs.

When dusting poultry with bbq rubs, be sure to get the spice mixture into every nook and cranny. Get under the wings and legs, and inside the body cavity too. Coat every surface with the spicy dry rub mixture. Try this turkey dry rub recipe next time you barbecue turkey legs or breasts. This one is great on whole turkeys, too.

A trick that really ups the flavor of chickens, game hens and turkeys is to put the dry rub under the skin. The seasoning is right against the meat, and flavors it really well.