Fun to Eat Barbecued Chicken Legs

Fire up the grill! Making barbecued chicken legs is a great way to keep the kids happy. Tell me, what kid doesn't like running around the yard with a chicken leg in her hand? That's slice of life is as American as apple pie!

Barbecued Chicken Drumsticks

Preheat your grill to a medium heat. You'll be grilling the chicken legs over direct heat until they're done, and then they're finished with indirect heat...when the chicken bbq sauce goes on.

Twelve Chicken Drumsticks
Two teaspoons of onion powder
One teaspoon of mild Hungarian paprika
One-half teaspoon celery salt
One-half teaspoon of lemon pepper
One cup Kansas City style BBQ sauce

Combine the dry seasonings to make a chicken dry rub mix. Season the legs with the rub then place 'em on the grill, over direct medium heat. Flip the drumsticks every five minutes, and cook for thirty to forty minutes, or until the meat is done and tender.

Dip each chicken leg into the barbecue sauce and place it over a cool area of the grill. The sauce with thicken up on the chicken legs after five more minutes of indirect grilling. Dip 'em again before serving to kiddies! Give 'em some carrot sticks and celery ribs, too. The finger food veggies will round out their meal!