Great Tasting BBQ Brisket Recipes

How do you like your brisket? With these bbq brisket recipes you can serve tasty grilled beef brisket that is melt-in-your-mouth tender. And you don't even need a smoker! These are all grill barbecued and grill smoked brisket recipes.

Cooked at high temperature, brisket can be tough and chewy. But learn how to barbecue brisket on the grill, and you'll end up with meat that's literally falling apart tender.

Extended cooking time melts the fat and breaks down the tough connective tissues in the meat. In addition to making the brisket tender, the melted fat and connective tissue adds a lot of fine flavor to the finished product.

What Is a Brisket?

Brisket Recipes and BBQ Tips

  • Pepper Crusted Brisket - Cracked black peppercorns are pressed into the top of this brisket before being grilled to perfection.
  • Bacon Wrapped Brisket - Bacon makes a brisket taste incredibly better than your standard brisket. That is, if you like bacon!
  • Barbecue Brisket - Bacon adds flavor to this foil wrapped brisket dish, too. I use a commercial bbq seasoning for flavor, but you can use your favorite brisket dry rub if desired.
  • Bbq Beef Brisket - Pre-sliced brisket is seasoned and grilled in a disposable aluminum pan. Makes for easy eating and easy cleanup.
  • Southwestern Barbecue Beef Brisket - The dry rub is on the mild side for this grilled brisket recipe. Cooked in a baking pan, this brisket ends up nice and juicy.
  • Grilled Brisket - A trimmed brisket flat is grilled over charcoal, using indirect heat. Served medium-rare to medium, sliced very thin.
  • Barbeque Brisket - Another Southwestern style brisket, this one is more on the spicy side.
  • BBQ Brisket - A trimmed brisket flat is marinaded two days for rich flavor, then wrapped in bacon before hitting the grill. I guess you can tell I like bacon!
  • Barbecued Garlic Brisket - Garlic cloves are inserted into the meat, getting that garlicky goodness deep inside. Cooked via the indirect grilling method.

Whole, packer cut briskets have a layer of fat covering one side. To determine which brisket has less fat, pick each one up and bend them. The more flexible a cold brisket is, the thinner the fat layer.

More About Briskets

Learn successful techniques used when grilling briskets over charcoal, wood, gas heat. And if you have a hankerin' to slow smoke a brisket, you'll learn about different types of meat smokers and how to use 'em to smoke perfectly smoked beef briskets. You know...the kind that are fall-apart tender, with smoke flavor that jumps out and gets ya.

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This page will be regularly updated with new information that'll help you make the best barbecue beef briskets ever.

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