Dad's BBQ Hamburgers Were a Special Treat

My Dad's bbq hamburgers were thick ground beef patties seasoned with salt and pepper, slathered with bbq sauce and topped with chopped onions. Each burger was individually wrapped inside its own foil packet, which steamed the burger and contained the great tasting juices...the best part of the picnic!

After 20 minutes or so of grilling, the foil was gingerly opened so as not to lose any of the reddish, greasy, salty-sweet juice. The meat was place between buns, then the sandwich dipped in the juice before each luscious bite.

It's been 40 years since I've eaten those special hamburgers, but I can still remember exactly how they tasted.

Foil Wrapped BBQ Hamburgers

These can be assembled a day ahead of the barbecue. Just keep the foil wrapped burgers refrigerated until ready to grill.


  • 2 pounds ground beef, not the lean stuff - 80/20 is good
  • 1 medium onion, chopped fine
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1 bottle bbq sauce. I think it was Kraft back then...

Form the hamburger into patties, about 6 ounces each.

Place each patty on a square of foil

Shake on salt and pepper. Pour on a good tablespoon of bbq sauce

Form the foil into a packet around the hamburger patty

Grill immediately, or refrigerate. Can be prepared the night before

Grill over medium to medium high heat until well done

Serve on hamburger buns. Use the burger juice as a dipping sauce. I guess you could call it bbq hamburgers au jus...

Enjoy. Maybe it will become your family's picnic tradition.