Beef Brisket Crock Pot Recipe

If you're craving sweet and tangy bbq brisket, this beef brisket crock pot recipe will satisfy your urges. To make it easier at eatin' time, the meat is pre-sliced before going into the crockpot.

Slicing the brisket before cooking gives the meat a more intense bbq flavor, plus it shortens the cooking time a bit.


Slice the brisket into 1/4 inch thick slices. Cut the meat across the grain and it will be more tender. Drop the brisket into your crock pot.

Cut the onion into quarters and lay on top of the brisket. Combine the bbq sauce and water and pour into the crockpot.

What Is Beef Brisket?

Cook on "LOW" for 5 to 6 hours. Remove the onions and discard. Use good French or Italian bread for the sandwiches. Provide each eater with a little bowl of the crockpot liquid, so they can dip their sandwiches "au jus" style. Makes for fun eating!

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