The Best Gas Grill

If you do a lot of outdoor cooking, you ought to have the best gas grill that you can afford. With a quality grill you get good temperature control and long life. If you're ready to buy your first gas grill, or upgrading to something better, there are important features you need to know about.

Gas Grill Information

Luxury Gas Grills
Top of the line gas grills have everything you'll need for grilling and then some. Various options include refrigerators, infra-red burners, heavy duty rotisseries and ovens. There's even a trailer mounted gas grill for tailgate parties!

More Luxury Gas Grills
Also look for the heavy duty stainless carts with huge storage areas, built in lighting, and commercial quality casters. Luxury gas grills have a lot to offer.

Gas Grill Features

For quality barbecuing and grilling, a gas grill has to provide great temperature control. Several things come into play here. Consider these...

  • What's It Made Of? - A gas grill made of heavy-duty materials will maintain even heat levels much better than one make of flimsy stuff. Grill made of stainless steel will not rust, and there's no paint or porcelain to chip.

  • Quality Of Construction - A tight fitting cover holds in the heat. And if it is made using double wall construction, it's even better. More heat is trapped inside, and the outer surface is cooler to the touch...a great safety feature. The stand that the grill rests on should be very sturdy. A wobbly grill is an unsafe grill.

  • The Grill Thermometer - A quality grill thermometer mounted through the cover will make it possible to maintain precise temperatures. The best grill thermometers are marked in degrees and can be calibrated. The thermometer should be mounted close to the level of the food.

  • The Burners - Standard steel burners often rust away after a few years use, needing to be replaced. Brass burners will give you many years of use. Infrared grills have gas burners that convert the flame to infrared heat...a big improvement over standard gas burners.

  • Temperature Range - You want a grill that'll cook at low temperatures when you're barbecuing. And it has to be able to get HOT (600-700 degrees) for grilling those t-bone steaks to perfection.

  • Extra Goodies - There are extras that will make cooking easier and more fun. A solid side mounted shelf is an important feature. A side burner comes in handy for boiling or frying foods. And an enclosed under grill storage area is a great place for stashing those odds and ends like rib racks and smoking wood.

Barbecuing on a gas grill is a lot more fun if you're using the best gas grill you can afford. With a good quality grill it's easier to prepare great tasting, high quality barbecued ribs, chicken, fish and beef. And if you're not in the mood for barbecue, you can always crank 'er up to high and grill a few rib eyes!

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