Bradley Propane Smoker

If it's a lightweight, portable meat smoker you're looking for, the Bradley propane smoker is a great choice. The design of the smoke chamber includes a collapsible-framed rack assembly and a folding tent-like cover.

The Bradley Smoke Generator

The new smoke generator has its power supplied by four AA batteries. That's all it takes to keep the Bradley Flavor Bisquettes moving through the unit. An optional adapter is available that can be plugged into a vehicle's 12V power supply, too.

The smoke generator uses standard disposable propane bottles to fuel the fire. With the Bradley propane smoker, you can cook at near-ambient temperatures to cold smoke salmon, nuts or cheeses. The temperature is adjustable up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit for smoking everything from juicy briskets to tender rib and chickens.

The Smoke Chamber

The smoke chamber frame holds four racks, having a capacity of over 2000 cubic inches, which will hold a LOT of food. The racks are adjustable to the desired height. A drip tray at the bottom catches liquids and diverts them to a drip bowl.

The frame/rack assembly is enclosed by a soft, foldable cover. A cutout in one side fits around the smoke generator.

Bradley Smoker Specs

  • Weight - 23 pounds
  • Smoke Chamber Volume - 2288 cubic inches
  • Heat Source - Propane
  • Power Supply - 4AA batteries / car adapter
  • Temperature Range - Near ambient to 250 Degrees Fahrenheit

Batteries not included. Neither is the propane or the Bradley Flavor Bisquettes. When you order your smoker, be sure to order several flavors of the bisquettes to try with your recipes.

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