Brisket Crockpot Recipes

Most of these brisket crockpot recipes take just a few minutes to prepare for the slow cooker, and after that it's just a matter of being patient! With these crockpot brisket recipes, the waiting is the hardest part!

The recipe that takes longest to prepare is probably one of the best tasting. Grilled crock pot brisket uses a two stage cooking technique that really boosts the flavor. The brisket is first seared over direct, high heat on the grill until nicely browned, which creates an added layer of flavor that's rich and satisfying.

If you enjoy smoked brisket, this recipe for smoky crockpot brisket will do the trick. A tablespoon of Wright's Liquid Smoke seasoning is added to the pot, giving the meat a subtle smokiness. For additional richness, a couple of beef bouillon cubes are added, which provides this recipe's salt, plus a boost of beefy flavor.

Served "au jus" style, Au Jus Brisket Sandwiches, the brisket is sliced before going into the pot. Served between slices of Italian or French bread, the sandwiches are dipped into the delightful drippings left behind in the crock pot.

A combination of bbq sauce and apple juice gives this crockpot brisket a bit of sweet flavor. Cooked to medium, the meat is sliced thin to serve.

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