Crockpot Brisket

If you don't have time or energy, a crockpot brisket could be a lifesaver for your hungry family. The flat section of the brisket can cook in a matter of hours in the slow cooker, becoming tender and juicy.

Briskets smoked in meat smokers, or cooked in grills are exposed to hot, dry air, causing them to dry out and shrink. When cooked in a crock pot, the liquids are sealed up with the brisket, with no where to go. The self-basting way the crockpot works keeps the brisket nice and moist. And for this reason, you don't need a fatty whole packer cut brisket for this brisket crock pot recipe. A well trimmed section of brisket will do just fine.

What Is a Brisket?

Slow Cooker Brisket, The Recipe

Put enough raw brisket in the slow cooker to fill it about 3/4 full. Make sure the meat is not packed tight in the cooker. Leave a little room for the juices to reach all sides of the meat if possible. Here's what you'll need to make great tasting crockpot bbq brisket.

One or two brisket flats, trimmed of most of the fat
One cup apple juice
One cup brisket sauce
One cup chopped onions
Four cloves garlic, chopped
Two whole bay leaves
Two teaspoons celery salt
One teaspoon black pepper

Add the brisket to the slow cooker. Blend the apple juice and barbece sauce together. Pour into the cooker. Next, add the onions, garlic and bay leaves. Sprinkle half of the celery salt and half of the black pepper into the pot. Cover and turn on high.

After two hours, turn the crockpot to low, baste the meat with the sauce, and continue slow cooking. After two more hours add the remaining salt and pepper to the pot. Cook for another two hours on low, then begin checking for doneness. Brisket it done when it reaches an internal temperature of 145 degrees. Slice thin to serve.

Crockpot Cooked Brisket Recipes

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Barbecued Brisket Recipes

For really tender brisket, allow it to reach 200 degrees Fahrenheit. At that temperature the crockpot brisket can be shredded to make excellent brisket sandwiches. Serve the sauce from the crockpot on the side, for dipping.

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