Dial Smoker Thermometers Monitor Temperature

These round oven thermometers are also excellent dial smoker thermometers. It's critical to know your smoker temperature right at the rack, where the meat sits. These inexpensive, accurate thermometers are the ones to use!

Even if you are using a dual probe digital smoker thermometer, it's good to have a backup thermometer sitting inside your smoker, right next to the meat. And in fact, since the smoke chamber temperature varies from one spot to another, using a second, or even a third smoker thermometer will let you know where the hotspots and cool areas are inside your smoker. And that will help you cook even better smoked foods.

Dial Smoker Thermometers For The Oven

All of these thermometers have an integral base that allows them to sit on the grate, right next to your brisket or ribs (or even on top of them, if you prefer). Most are also made with a hook or loop that can be attached to one of the rods on your grate, so they can be hung on the underside, out of the way.

You'll find all the big names in cooking thermometers here...Taylor, CDN, Sunbeam and Polder. And from France, the MIU brand. Made of stainless steel with a glass lens covering the dial, they are corrosion-free and can be cleaned off with a damp cloth without worry of rusting.

Temperature range of these thermometers goes from a low of 50 degrees Fahrenheit up to 600 degrees. Most have large dials, up to 3 inches in diameter, and have large numbers for easy reading. Whether used outdoors in your smoker or indoors in your oven, these dial oven thermometers are something every pitmaster should use.