Fork Thermometer

For a cool gift idea, a digital fork thermometer is perfect for the grilling enthusiast. It's a useful utensil and a digital meat thermometer, all wrapped up in one!

Checking the internal temperature of a brisket, a steak or even that salmon fillet can be done every time the food is turned on the grill. Fork thermometers are multi-tasking tools, well suited for use on either the grill or the smoker.

Manufacturers of these cool thermometers include Taylor, Maverick, CDN, Chaney, RediFork and Sharper Image. All have numeric displays that show the temperature at the sensing tine. Originally more of a gimmick-type item, these have grown in popularity and improved in quality to the point that if you don't have one, you should get one. If only because they're cool!

One of these thermometers would be a fantastic Christmas present or birthday present, and would be the perfect Father's Day gift idea. While you're buying one for Dad, get one for yourself, too!

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