Use a Grill Thermometer For Accurate Cooking

A good quality, accurate grill thermometer is a necessary accessory to have on your barbecue grill. If it doesn't have one, mount one. And if there is a factory mounted thermometer on your grill, it needs to be checked once a year for accuracy.

Cooking great barbecued foods requires that you keep good control of the temperature. And one way to do that is to have good barbeque thermometer mounted on the cover of your grill. It's fairly easy to mount a thermometer. If you know how to use an electric drill and a wrench, you got it made. And if you don't, Offer to cook someone a steak if they mount it for you.

Be sure to check a new thermometer for accuracy before mounting. If it's off by just a few degrees, that's something you can live with. If it's off by ten or more degrees, then something need to be done. Many grill thermometers can be calibrated by simply rotating the dial to the correct postion. Others cannot be adjusted. If you have one of those, return it for replacement

Check The Accuracy of Your Grill Thermometer

There are a couple ways to check a bbq thermometer's accuracy. The first method is to hold the stem in rapidly boiling water. The needle should top out at or near 212 degrees Fahrenheit, or 100 Celsius. The problem with this method is that it only verifies one temperature reading.

The ideal method is to place the thermometer on a dry pan, then place it in an oven alongside a known-accurate oven thermometer. You could place the probe of your wireless barbecue thermometer next to it also.

Verify the accuracy at several different temperatures at the low end and high end of the range. If the thermometer is off, adjust it, replace it, or just be aware of difference when you're grilling.

By verifying the accuracy of your grill thermometer you'll be grilling and barbecuing at the proper temperature. And that's one less thing to worry about!