Grill Thermometers For Accurate Temperature Control

Don't be caught without your grill thermometers when you're barbecuing meats. It's next to impossible to determine when grilling meat is perfectly done without one of these amazing instruments!

From basic handheld dial type thermometers to high quality digital remote cooking thermometers with pagers, there are lots of choices and there's also a lot to learn. The type of cooking thermometer you choose depends on the type of foods you commonly cook, and how you approach your barbecuing.

If you are a hands-on kind of barbecuer, you may be satisfied with simple dial thermometer. Every time you check the progress of your grilling meat, stab the probe into it (try to use the same hole each time to prevent juice loss) and read the temperature.

However, if you like to put that brisket in the grill and fuggit about it, one of the remote bbq thermometers with a pager is what you want. Heck, you can even take a nap and it'll wake you up when the food is done. Can't beat that!

Most grills have a thermometer mounted on the cover. With those you can monitor the temperature when grilling with the lid on. If yours doesn't have that thermometer in place it's an easy process to install a thermometer yourself.

Grill Thermometer Information

Perfectly cooked barbecue has to be grilled at the correct temperature. Make sure you have a good quality grill thermometer mounted on your cooker, and that it's calibrated to register the actual temperature inside your grill.

Freedom. That's what these remote cooking thermometers offer. I use mine often. I monitor meats that heat up quickly, like pork chops and chicken breasts, from the comfort of my easy chair. When the meat is almost to temp, I'm up and out there to take it off the grill. Since I got my remote thermometer, I've had very few dry chicken breasts.