How To Barbecue Beef Ribs That Have Great Flavor

Smoked Beef Ribs On a Bed of Vegetables

Take a little time and learn how to barbecue beef ribs the right way. There are a few different kinds of beef ribs available. Cooked for a long time, the tough connective tissue in beef ribs softens, making for some really tasty eating. Beef ribs are usually inexpensive, too. There's nothing much better than a great tasting bargain!

Buying and Prepping The Beef Ribs

Choose Beef Ribs That Are Meaty For The Best Results

The first step in barbecuing beef ribs is to buy them. Choose meaty ribs that aren't overly fatty. You'll find that there are several types of beef ribs to choose, from slabs of beef back ribs to boneless beef ribs. They contain varying amounts of connective tissue, fat and bone.

Before the ribs are marinated and seasoned, they need to be prepped. Short ribs are usually ready to go. Back ribs most likely have the membrane still attached, and it'll have to be removed along with the excess fat.

After being prepped, it's time to add some flavor. Marinating overnight in a spicy marinade will add a lot of flavor to the ribs. The ribs can be seasoned with dry spices, herbs, or dry rub mixes in addition to, or instead of marinating.

How to Barbecue Beef Ribs - Cooking Beef Ribs

Grilling Flanken Style Beef Ribs In a Traeger Pellet GrillGRILLING KOREAN STYLE BEEF RIBS

Beef ribs can be barbecued in the oven, grill, smoker, crockpot, electric skillet, or even in a pan on top of the range. Short ribs usually take longer to become tender than back ribs.

  • Grilling Beef Ribs - Use the indirect grill method, keeping the temperature between 250-300 degrees Fahrenheit, cooking the ribs until tender. It'll take from two to six hours depending on the size and toughness of the ribs, and the temperature of the grill.

  • Smoking Beef Ribs - Beef ribs slow cooked in a meat smoker have flavor that can't be duplicated by other barbecuing method. As the ribs smoke, the connective tissues and fat melt, adding flavor and moistness to the ribs. You can figure on it taking from three to ten hours to slow smoke beef ribs.

How to Barbecue Beef Ribs Indoors

When the weather isn't cooperating, cook your beef ribs inside.

  • Oven Baked - Bake back ribs on a rack for one and one-half to three hours at 325F. Cook short ribs in a baking dish, uncovered for the first one and one-half hours. Drain, then cover, and continue cooking for another one to two hours, or until tender.

  • Braised - This is a great method for tenderizing the tougher plate short ribs. In a pan with a tight fitting lid, add a little oil to the pan and brown the ribs on all sides (uncovered).

    Brown just a few at a time. When all are browned, drain the oil and put all the ribs back into the pan. Add one-half cup to one cup liquid (water, juice, wine, or my favorite, half water/half bbq sauce) to the pan, put the lid on.

    Simmer on the stove top for three to five hours for short ribs, one and one-half to two and one-half hours for back ribs. The pan can also be placed in a 300F oven instead of on the stovetop.

  • Crock Pot Beef Ribs - Place the ribs into the slow cooker along with enough liquid to reach half full. Set on low and cook for six to ten hours, or until very tender. Back ribs should be separated.

  • Beef Ribs in an Electric Skillet - Use the electric skillet like a slow cooker. Set the temperature at 225-250F...just high enough to bring the liquid to a simmer. Cook the ribs until tender.

When the ribs are done, serve them with a well made homemade barbecue sauce and some tasty side dishes. When you know how to barbecue beef ribs to perfection, you'll be eatin' high on the hog, er...I mean cow.