Unique Lemon Pepper Chicken Recipe

For an easy grilled chicken recipe, lemon pepper chicken is hard to beat. Go to the store and visit the meat section for the chicken and the spice section for the two seasonings. And that's all you need!

I like to buy 10 pound bags of chicken leg quarters when they're on sale. Sometimes 49 cents a pound.

Sometimes 39 cents.

And if I'm lucky, they're going for 29 cents a pound, and I buy two or three bags!

Lemon Pepper Chicken Ingredients and Instructions


  • Chicken leg quarters, as many as you need to feed everyone
  • Lemon pepper seasoning
  • Black pepper

Trim the leg quarters, removing any large hunks of fat and excess skin. Season with a generous amount of lemon pepper seasoning, then a good shake of black pepper. I like the coarse ground black pepper, but anything you have is fine.

Grill the chicken over low, direct heat, keeping the grill closed. Turn the chicken every ten minutes to prevent burning.

In 45 minutes to one hour, your lemon pepper grilled chicken will be cooked perfectly... juicy, nicely browned, and great tasting.