Luxury Gas Grills

Win the lottery? Shopping for luxury gas grills may be on your list of "to do" items. Unbelievable as it may sound, there are gas grills costing over $5,000 you can drop your winnings on. Let's go shopping!

These best-of-the-best gas grills have everything you'd want. Beautifully crafted, durable construction is standard. They just might include refrigerators, ovens, warming drawers, or ceramic infrared burners with unbelievable heat output.

Solaire 56 Inch Infrared Gas Grill

This top of the line Solaire grill has three infrared ceramic burners producing 82,500 BTU/hour. The grilling area totals 1027 square inches, with the main grids totalling 667 square inches.

A heavy duty rotisserie is included with the grill. With this you get the motor, the rod and a pair of rod forks to secure the meat. An 18,000 BTU rear burner provides the heat for the rotating meat.

Also included are a pair of 17K BTU/hr side burners, all-welded stainless steel construction, a twin shell hood, and a stay cool handle. The cooking grid is stainless steel. There's also a stainless steel warming rack, electronic ignition, and even a 5.6 cubic foot outdoor refrigerator. You couldn't ask for much more!

Viking VGIQ530-4RT

53" Grill and 2 Door, Gas Oven Cart

This rugged stainless steel grill boasts double wall construction to provide good heat retention and cooler exterior surfaces. Burners are stainless steel, with 25,000 BtU's of output. An infrared "Gourmet Glow" rotisserie burner on the rear of the unit provides 15,000 BTU's of heat.

Also included is a complete rotisserie setup, including a heavy duty motor with a half-inch rod, and a pair of rotisserie forks.The rotisserie is supported by ball bearing mounts that provide for easy rotation.

The cooking grids are porcelain coated to prevent food from sticking. Stainless steel drip guards over the burners prevent burner clog, channeling the liquids to the drip tray. And this unit even comes with a 2.5 cubic foot gas oven for baking! Nice touch!

Crown Verity Tailgate Gas Grill Model TG-1

The ultimate towable tailgating grill, the TG-1 has a cooking area of 966 square inches, and a heating capacity of 99,000 BTU's. High volume cooking is possible with this one! Fueled by two 30 pound propane tanks, it can grill for hours.

The trailer rolls on a pair of 13 inch tires, and the removable trailer tongue sports a 1-7/8 inch ball. It'll get you down the road, because the trailer conforms to the required safety standards. Total weight is 852 pounds.

There are two built in coolers to keep all the beverages and food chilled. The grill is constructed of 18 gauge 304 stainless steel, and the four stainless cooking grids hold lots of food. Pull this grill to the next football game!

The Lynx L54PSFR-1-LP 54" Propane Grill

With a total heat output of 100,000 BTU's, this gas grill really does some cooking! And with a 1110 square inch primary grilling surface - plus another 445 inches of secondary grill area - this grill can feed _________________! (Fill in the blank yourself).

A really nice feature is addition of two halogen lights that illuminate the grilling surface. If you want some real smokey flavor, there's a large capacity smoker box included. Other useful items included: temperature gauge, ignition system with 9v battery backup, and blue LED control illumination.

The included rotisserie has a heavy duty three speed motor. A pair of infrared burners provides the heat to the spinning meat. The main burners are constructed of red brass for long, long life. Ceramic briquettes provide even distribution of heat.

Capital Performance Series Grill

This big 52" propane cart grill can cook all night long with the built in 20 watt lighting system. The burner set up includes 3 25K BTU stainless steel burners, a 25K BTU infrared zone burner, and two 15K BTU infrared rotisserie burners.

The rotisserie has a capacity of 50 could cook a small hog on it! The included two pairs of rotisserie forks allow you to easily attach two different cuts of meat to the shaft.

There is a pair of slide out drawers mounted in the cart for storage. The warming rack is removable, and the side shelves can be dropped out of the way if necessary.

Solaire 56" Infrared Natural Gas Cart Grill

The three ceramic infrared main burners put out 82,500 BTU's, and the infrared rear rotisserie burner another 18,000 BTU's. This is a hot grill! The main grilling area provides 667 square inches of cooking space. Add on the warming rack for a total of 1027 square inches.

The twin skin hood keeps the outer surface at a safe temperature. The cart has dual access doors, enclosing the large storage space below. The warming rack is removable for easy cleanup.

The stainless steel is all-welded...there are no mechanical fasteners that can work loose. Push-button ignition, V-grilling grids, and folding shelves complete the package.

A luxury gas grill will make your outdoor cooking experiences trouble free and fun.

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