More Luxury Gas Grills

There are more luxury gas grills to choose from than you'd expect. Many manufacturers offer high end grills that cost over $5,000. They are beautiful pieces of equipment that provide a high quality cooking experience.

You'll find qualities like excellent temperature control, extremely high grill temperatures and superb construction in these luxury grills.

Lynx Professional Grill Series, Model L42PSFR1

This Lynx 42 inch gas grill offers 1200 square inches of cooking surface. The cooktop includes a ProSear Infrared burner, in addition to a pair of Lynx's high quality red brass burners.

The infrared rotisserie burner in the back of the grill does a great job. The heavy duty rotisserie motor turns large cuts of meat effortlessly.

Create great tasting smoked foods by stoking the smoker box with your favorite type of wood chips. By using low indirect heat while the chips are smoking, you'll make excellent smoked meats.

Commercial casters make rolling these babies easy. Also included are fold down shelves that can be removed to use as serving trays, and heavy duty magnetic latched cabinet doors that keep the storage compartment under the grill secure.

Fire Magic Monarch Magnum Natural Gas Grill

The Fire Magic natural gas grill gives you a total BTU output of 123,000...97,000 under the cooking grids and a 26,000 BTU rotisserie backburner. The cooking area measures 36" by 22", for a total effective grilling area of 792 square inches.

You'll never have problems lighting the burners. The ignition system fires on 110 volts. There's a built in digital grill thermometer for keeping tabs on the grill temperature, and it even includes a probe for measuring internal meat temperature. Very nice!

The side burner can be used for cooking side dishes or sauces. The rotisserie rotates on ball bearing mounts, which provide smooth, quiet rolling. Heat zone separators allow for a variety of cooking conditions simultaneously.

The smoker drawer has its own 2500 BTU burner for turning those wood chips into smoke. The access doors on the portable cart hide your utensils and grilling accessories.

Pacific Gas Specialties Legacy Big Sur - S48R

This grill is constructed out of 304 stainless steel for long life and naturally good looks. You get almost 1000 square inches of grilling area (960 square inches), which'll cook a lot of wienies! The stainless steel upper rack can be used for cooking or keeping foods warm.

The cooking grid is called the Vari-Grid, and is made of 304 stainless steel rods. The stainless burners under the rack put out 84,000 BTU's of heat...plenty for grilling steaks or salmon. There are trays that hold "Moon Roks", that help even the heat radiation from the burners.

A rotisserie system is supplied with this grill, which includes a 14,000 BTU backburner. You'll get a stainless steel cart, with wheels for portability. However, the side burner is not's an option you'll have to pay extra for.

Napoleon Prestige V PF600P1

Napoleon Gourmet Grills manufactures a wide variety of grills offering the newest in technology. One of the most impressive of these features is ceramic infrared technology. Infrared burners create intense heat, perfect for grilling steaks. And the high heat stops flareups dead in their tracks...grease drips are instantly vaporized when they touch the hot ceramic burners.

Total length of this grill is 83 inches. This heavy gauge 304 stainless steel grill comes with two side burners, two bottom burners, two infrared burners and an infrared rear rotisserie burner. Together the burners provide 106,500 BTU's of grilling power.

The grill cover incorporates a pair of halogen lights that light up the entire grill, allowing the chef to cook into the wee hours of the night. Don't let a little thing like the sun going down stop the grilling fun!

Solaire Infrared 42 Inch Propane/NG Grill

This grill ships ready to connect to the propane tank, but includes a natural gas conversion kit, which is a very nice touch. Whichever gas you use, it provides the energy to heat the three ceramic infrared burners to a total output level of 82,500 BTU's.

The main grilling area is 667 square inches, which does not include the upper rack area. Total area amounts to 1027 square inches. The ceramic burners can be removed to be cleaned, or can be switched out with standard gas burners.

An included rotisserie comes with a heavy duty motor, the spit shaft, and a pair of forks. An 18,000 BTU infrared back burner is positioned to perfectly cook that spinning meat.

The cart has a pair of doors enclosing the storage space, and the two side shelves fold for convenience.

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