Outdoor BBQ Grills

Using outdoor grills to cook spectacular foods is more than just a hobby of ours. It's a way of life. And oh, what a sweet life it is!

Many folks grill year 'round, in the summer and in the snow. I myself have grilled when the actual temperature was 10 degrees below zero Fahrenheit...it was stuffed mushrooms if I remember correctly. The propane grill worked perfectly in spite of the cold weather.

Types of Outdoor Grills

The main factor that separates the different styles of barbecue cookers is the heat source utilized. The grill has to be designed for the type of fuel used. Propane and charcoal are the two most common heat sources used for grilling. Natural gas is also a popular choice. Electric grills are available too. Some of the higher end grills have one or more infrared heat sources. A good friend of mine has five burner natural gas grill that has a vertical infrared heat source in the rear for rotisserie cooking. And it works great!

Pick up some tips on gas grill barbecuing and on charcoal grill barbecuing. Each of these types of grills has its own set of rules to play by.

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills can be as basic as a small tabletop brazier grill. These two part grills have just a sheet metal base for the hot coals and a rack for the food. They're great for hotdogs and burgers, but not intended for indirect grilling.

Charcoal kettle grills are what you need for real barbecuing. The tight fitting lids have a vent to control the temperature, and the larger size offers plenty of room for indirect grilling. There are also charcoal cart grills that have adjustable charcoal racks for precise temperature control.

There are many types of charcoal grills available. Each style has unique qualities that may be right for you. Looking for the best charcoal grill you can afford? See which features to look for when shopping for your charcoal grill.

Gas Grills

Either propane or natural gas grills cook very nicely. With these, you definitely get what you pay for. The cheap discount store versions aren't made to last. Nor are they made with good grilling in mind. They usually heat unevenly, and retain the heat poorly. Higher end grills have been designed well, and offer very good temperature control and heat retention. Infrared grills are the newest generation of gas grill. They perform much better than standard gas grills, and the good news is that they are becoming more affordable.

Most of the better grills have double wall lids, which do a great job at holding in the heat. Better quality food grates keep the foods up on top, and hold the heat for producing those good looking grill marks. The best gas grill has many features that make cooking a pleasure.

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Most outdoor grills have factory grill thermometer mounted on the cover. If yours doesn't have one, it's an easy matter to install a grill thermometer yourself. It takes only a few basic tools.