Pork Rib Recipes

The oven baked pork rib recipes on this page have been personally tested, refined and retested by yours truly. I think I have the best job in the world! There are several types of pork ribs that are great when oven baked; spareribs, baby back ribs, and country style ribs to name a few. The tips and recipes on this page will help you make lip-smacking barbecued ribs that'll be loved by one and all!

Pork ribs can be easily barbecued in the oven. It's best to bake them on a rack so the fat can drain off easily. A little liquid smoke seasoning and dry rub (and a little Tender Quick Curing Mix for the smoke-ring affect), and you'll be oven baking pork ribs that are close to wood fire smoked ribs. Only you will know the truth!

One of the secrets of making great oven baked ribs is to cook them at a lower temperature. Turn that dial down from 350 degrees and set it between 225-250 degrees Fahrenheit. The ribs will take longer to cook, but they will be very tender and remain moister. With these pork rib recipes, you'll be turning out some high quality eats!

Oven Baked Pork Rib Recipes

Mustard bbq sauce covers these Oven Baked Ribs. The sauce recipe is a favorite of mine. And it works really well on big, meaty pork country style ribs. Ya oughta try some!

This quick-cooking Oven Baked Babyback Ribs recipe can be made from start to finish in a little over an hour. And that includes the homemade barbecue sauce that goes alongside the ribs.

Trim up a pair of sparerib slabs yourself, or buy pre-trimmed St. Louis style slabs for this Oven Cooked Ribs recipe. The ribs are tender and the sauce is oniony. That's a great combination!

You can use pork spareribs or babybacks with this Smoky Baked Ribs recipe. These turn out tasting very good. They are basted with a beer and Worcestershire basting liquid as they cook, which helps keep them moist.

To barbecue great ribs, you have to know how to pick 'em and prep 'em. Check out the pork rib information on these pages...

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