How to Prepare Beef Ribs for Smoking and Grilling

When you prepare beef ribs the right way before they hit the barbecue, you'll end up with better tasting, better looking ribs. It's all just a matter of knowing how to trim them, and how to season them for the best flavor and texture.

First, Prepare Beef Ribs By Trimming

Trim off most of the excess surface fat, but not all of it. As the fat melts, it bastes the meat, keeping it moist and adding flavor. Leave enough on so that most of fat has melted away by the time the beef ribs are done.

Trim off any small loose pieces of meat for a nicer presentation; You can cook these on the side for snacks to eat while the main course is barbecuing.

Remove the rubbery membrane, also known as the fell, from the bone side of back ribs and short ribs if it's still in place. This is easily done by sticking a butter knife or screwdriver between the fell and the meat, then prying it up.

Grab it an pull it off using a dry paper towel for better grip. Scrape off the fat deposits that were under the membrane.

Marinating Beef Ribs

Marinating adds a lot of flavor to beef ribs. Using a marinade with an acidic liquid in it, like vinegar, citrus juice, wine or tomato juice, will help tenderize the meat. There are lots of beef marinade recipes that are great for marinating beef ribs.

Dry Rubs for Beef Ribs

After marinating the beef ribs season with spices, herbs, or a beef rib dry rub. You can skip the marinating if you want, and just flavor with the dry seasonings.

Ribs can be simply seasoned with salt, pepper and a little garlic powder, or flavored with a dry rub mix for more complex flavor. Coat the ribs with the dry rub or spices and let them rest in the fridge overnight for the best flavor.

Take some time to prepare the beef ribs beforehand, and you'll end up with some mighty tasty eatin'!