Use Remote Cooking Thermometers For Perfectly Cooked Meats

Take a nap, and you can count on these remote cooking thermometers to wake you up when the barbecue is ready. Using wireless technology, these tools allow you the freedom to roam, while still being able to check the brisket temperature.

Several manufacturers have jumped on the remote thermometer bandwagon. Redi-Check, Maverick, Grill Alert, Oregon Scientific, Chaney and Taylor all offer this style of thermometer.

The principle is simple. A sensing probe is attached by wire to the main control/sending unit, which sits right next to the grill. That controller converts the probe's input into digital information, which in this case is temperature. The information is transmitted from the controller, and picked up by the wireless remote receiver.

Remote Cooking Thermometers Have a Sending Unit and Receiver

The receiver displays the temperature, and can be set to signal you when a preset temperature is reached. Many of the units claim a 100 foot range, but that can be shortened by certain types of obstructions...metal for one can lessen the signal's range.

Wireless cooking thermometers make life easier for the busy grill chef. And if things get too busy, stop and take a nap. Your thermometer will wake you when it's time!