Short Ribs Recipe

This short ribs recipe can be used with any type of beef short ribs. And there are several types of short ribs available.

From the shoulder area of the steer come chuck short ribs. When cut across the bones creating strips, they are called flanken ribs. When cut into rectangular sections, cutting parallel to the bones, you get English style short ribs. And when the bones are trimmed away from the meat, you're left with boneless short ribs.

Plate short ribs are created when the ends of the ribs are trimmed off from the lower part of the chest. Each rib consists of a flat bone covered with a good amount of meat. These are tougher than the chuck short ribs, and will take a longer cooking time to reach the desired level of tenderness.

I like to use the meatiest English style or plate short ribs I can find for this recipe if I can find 'em. Here's the recipe...


Four pounds beef short ribs (about 12 ribs)
Six peeled cloves garlic
One quarter cup of olive oil
Three whole, large bay leaves
Salt and pepper to taste

Create a small pocket in the meat of each rib and insert one-half clove of garlic. Season each rib with salt and pepper, then brush on a little olive oil. Smoke the ribs at 225 degrees Fahrenheit with a light flavored wood for two hours. I like apple and pear wood with this recipe.

Wrap the ribs in aluminum foil, two ribs in each pouch. Place one-half of a bay leaf between each pair of ribs before wrapping them up, with the meaty sides together. Give 'em a double layer to prevent leaks. Continue cooking the ribs at 225 degrees for another two hours.

This short ribs recipe makes ribs that are falling-off-the-bone tender. When wrapped in the foil, the ribs are being slowly braised, which is the ideal cooking method for short ribs.

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