A Collection of Smoked Beef Recipes

If you enjoy beef, one of these smoked beef recipes will surely make you happy. Depending on the cut of beef, it's at its best either cooked to rare, medium rare, or very well done until fall-apart tender.

There are many different cuts of beef that take well to the smoker. An expensive prime rib of beef takes on a wonderful flavor when kissed with the smoky aroma of oak or apple. Or take a bargain priced beef chuck roast, when smoked until fork tender, it's a luscious sandwich meat.

Other cuts of beef, like tri tips, bottom round roasts, flank steak, and even rib eye steaks and hamburgers can be given awesome flavor in the smoker. The most important thing to remember is that each cut of meat must be cooked to its proper level of doneness.

Smoked Beef Recipes

Some of my favorite beef recipes for the smoker include tri tip, which is usually grilled over high heat, and prime rib, typically roasted to rare or medium rare.

Smoked Chuck Roast -- Chuck roast is one of the most inexpensive cuts of beef, and when cooked low and slow in the smoker, it becomes something special. Connective tissue and fat soften during hours of cooking, releasing their flavorful juices.

Smoked London Broil -- London broil is most often cooked quickly over or under direct heat, and served medium rare. Slow smoking a London broil style roast adds great flavor to an otherwise great tasting beef dish.

Smoked Tri Tip -- A beef tri tip is another cut of beef that's best served at medium rare. This recipe makes use of a spicy dry rub, and when smoked with red oak is quite tasty.

Smoked Prime Rib -- This simple recipe uses few ingredients, but the addition of smoke flavor takes it up a few notches. A little garlic, salt and pepper is all that's needed for this recipe.