Incredible Smoked Brisket Recipes

The secret to these smoked brisket recipes coming out juicy and tender on the inside, and with a nice crispy bark on the outside is keepin' it "low and slow"! Smoking brisket at the correct temperature forces the pitmaster to keep that baby smokin' for many hours.

All that time in the smoker gives the meat a deep-down smoky flavor and melts the toughness right out. The chewy fibers in the brisket soften and melt down, giving the meat awesome flavor and a juicy moistness that just can't be beat.

It's a crying shame when someone smokes a brisket too hot. As the toughness melts away, the meat fibers contract, squeezing that juicy goodness right out. You deserve better than that! Check out my tutorial and learn How To Smoke Brisket.

Recipes for Smoked Brisket

Brisket likes to be treated with gentle respect. In the following pages you'll learn not only how to smoke a brisket with the best of them, but you'll find great recipes for for this tasty beef treat.

In Texas beef is what's for dinner when it comes to barbecuin'. And a nice Texas brisket is usually on the menu. Learn the history of Texas style brisket, and try out the dry rub recipe, full of great Southwestern flavors.

For a change of pace, this recipe for marinated beef brisket will provide welcome variety. The brisket marinade includes grainy brown mustard and a healthy dose of horseradish.

A simple recipe, using just salt and pepper for seasoning, this smoked beef brisket recipe marinated beef brisket lets you taste pure brisket, in all its glory!

With three different types of ground peppers and black pepper, this smoked brisket marinade adds a lot of flavor to beef brisket, but it can be tamed by using half the called for amounts of ground peppers.

Traditionally smoked brisket takes up to 1 and 1/2 hours per pound. If you're looking for a smoked beef brisket recipe that cooks in half the time, try this one. A simple, yet tasty brisket rub recipe is provided.

Here's an interesting pepper crusted brisket recipe you might enjoy. Cracked black peppercorns are pressed into the fat cap before this baby is cooked!

This smoked brisket recipe makes use of a trimmed brisket flat. It's marinated for two days, then smoked until nice and tender. Briskets can be marinated for flavor, injected with special seasoning mixes, stuffed with bacon or other goodies, or seasoned with a nice, spicy dry rub. However your smoked brisket recipes get their flavor, they'll turn out perfect if you just make sure to cook 'em low and slow!

And don't forget the leftovers! Sometimes I'll put together a few of these cheesey brisket sandwiches. Smoked brisket and melted cheese go together very well!