Delightfully Tasty Smoked Pork Recipes

These Squeal-liscious smoked pork recipes really hit the spot when you're craving some of that "other white meat". Hope the Pork Board doesn't get on my case for using their slogan!

When it comes to smoking pork, it can be as simple and small as a couple of pork chops, up to smoking a whole hog over a huge bed of coals. There are lots of pork cuts that are great on the smoker, and lots of recipes that make 'em taste great.

One of the traditional smoked dishes from the South is pulled pork. Whole pork shoulders are slowly smoked, after which they're is pulled apart into small bits, seasoned, and made into sandwiches. Pork butts and roasts can be smoked the same way if you're cooking on a smaller scale. Try this mustard rubbed recipe for pulled pork if you want to try something downright tasty!

Pork chops also smoke well. It helps the meat remain moist and tender if it's first marinated in a pork chop marinade. The marinade will add loads of flavor, too. Other great pork cuts for smoking include the loin, the tenderloin, a whole fresh ham and even neckbones. A few smoked neckbones in a pot of beans makes some mighty fine eating! Add a little cornbread alongside and you have a feast!

Smoked Pork Recipes For Butts and Tenderloins

Try one of these recipes next time you get that hankerin' for delicious, smokey pork!

Smoked Boston Butt - Smear the Boston butt roast with mustard, then shake on dry rub. The sticky mustard keeps the seasonings in place as the pork smokes to its tender best.

Smoked Pork Tenderloin Recipe - Brown and crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside, with a gentle smokey flavor through and through. It takes only three steps to prepare and cook this one to perfection!

Smoked Pork Butt - "But why?", do you ask! Because smoked pork butt is so darned tasty, that's why! This one is massaged with a tasty pork dry rub, then smoked until fallin' apart tender. Rip it to pieces to make shredded pork for sandwiches.

Recipe for Pulled Pork - Rubbed with sticky mustard, then seasoned with spices, boston butts are smoked and smoked until nice and tender. And no, they don't end up tasting like mustard!

Pork Rub Recipe - This is a great tasting dry rub that's low in sugar and low-salt, too. Much of the pork these days is already salted to some degree when it's enhanced, so it's important to keep the level of added salt down.

Apple cider Brine - Great for pork chops, this brine can be use for any other cut of pork as well. It's even a good poultry brine!

Most smoked pork recipes are best cooked at 225-240°F. The natural fat content of many cuts of pork keep them moist during long, slow smoking sessions. Leaner cuts like chops, loins and tenderloins cook much more quickly, but still benefit from occasional basting.