Smoked Rib Recipes That Will Please Any Palate

These Smoked Spare Ribs Tasted As Good As They Look!

Fire up the smoker for these smoked rib recipes and be prepared to be satisfied. Cooked low and slow, ribs of all kinds become tender, moist and flavorful. Authentic smoked ribs are a step above ribs cooked on the grill.

When cooked in a food smoker at 225 degrees Fahrenheit, ribs (and many other cuts of beef and pork) become succulent and juicy. Low temperature smoking allows plenty of time for the connective tissues in the ribs to break down and soften. The low temperature also prevents those juices from evaporating from the meat as it cooks.

Rib Recipes for the Smoker

I've spent many years building and perfecting my rib recipe library. Most are for pork ribs - babybacks, spare ribs and country style ribs. But don't fret if you're a beef lover! You'll find recipes for beef back ribs, short ribs, and prime rib here too.

Smoked Rib Recipes For Both Pork and Beef Ribs

Great Tasting Pork Rib Recipes

A Seasoned Pork Spare Rib Slab In a Vertical Charcoal Smoker

One of my favorites, Peppered Babyback Ribs provide a bit of a bite from a heavy dose of black pepper, balanced with a little sweetness from an apple juice marinade.

If you want to smile, these Smoky Spareribs will definitely make you happy. This well seasoned slab smokes to perfection in five hours or less.

This Kansas City Style Ribs recipe starts out with a complex rib rub, and finishes off with a sweet, KC style bbq sauce.

Memphis Ribs are usually enjoyed dry, without barbecue sauce. That's the Memphis way. But if you like your sauce, you wouldn't be sinnin' if you dipped 'em!

Mustard is commonly rubbed onto pork shoulders before they're smoked. It acts like glue for the dry seasonings. These Mustard Rub Spareribs are made along the same lines.

Jack Daniel's whiskey flavors these Smoked Bourbon Ribs. Get a big enough bottle for both the recipe AND for snortin'!

Learn the basics of making Smoked Pork Spareribs, including preparation, seasoning and smoking.

This Smoked Rib Recipe is an easy way to get 'er done! Simply seasoned and smoked with a minimum of fuss!

If you like the heat, these Spicy Spareribs are for you. A variety of peppery spices adds fire to these ribs.

A long time in the marinade gives these Teriyaki Spareribs a unique texture and great flavor. Teriyaki cooking is traditionally a quick grilling method. This recipe breaks from tradition and uses the smoker to add more flavor.

Fresh ingredients and peanut oil give these Smoked Baby Back Ribs just the right touch of flavor. If you have a mortar and pestle, grind your own black peppercorns and whole mustard seed for even more great taste.

This basic Smoked Country Style Ribs recipe for the smoker includes a dry rub seasoning and mopping sauce for moistness. Tips for using the meat smoker are laid out here too.

Beef Rib Recipes For The Smoker

Smoked Beef Ribs On a White Platter

With this Beef Ribs Recipe you'll wrap them in foil after the first couple of hours for quicker cooking and improved tenderness.

Use flanken style ribs for this Korean Short Ribs recipe. The marinade is very flavorful, and includes sesame oil, green onions and rice wine vinegar.

With this Short Ribs Recipe you'll insert garlic cloves down into the meat. That's why I choose the meatiest short ribs I can find for this one.

Flavor and tenderize your Smoked Beef Ribs with the orange juice based marinade. The acid in the juice adds tartness while it breaks down some of the toughness.

This Smoked Prime Rib is slowly brought up to the perfect level of doneness in the smoker. Use your cooking thermometer so it doesn't get overdone.

When it comes to seasonings used in these smoked rib recipes, the flavors can be as simple as just a bit of salt an pepper, or complex, requiring marinades, dry rub seasonings, and a basting liquid. And remember, low and slow wins the race... and makes for some mighty fine tasting ribs!