Smoked Salmon Recipes Have Flavor to Spare

With these smoked salmon recipes you can create a true delicacy from the sea. All that's required is to brine the salmon, then smoke it to perfection. When you follow the steps, it's really not hard to do.

The easiest of the recipes for smoked salmon use the hot smoking process, which takes little time at all, especially when compared to making cold smoked salmon.

When hot smoking salmon, your fish can be completely cooked in a matter of hours. However when salmon is cold smoked, it can take many days, or even a few weeks! For that reason, the recipes on this page will be for, and make use of hot smoked salmon.

There are many varieties of salmon available for smoking. The two factors that determine the quality of salmon are the level of oil within the fish, and the texture of the flesh.

The Atlantic salmon is the only one found naturally on the eastern coast of North America, and is usually good quality with a high oil content. Pacific salmon are divided into several different subspecies.

From highest to lowest quality are the Chinook salmon, the sockeye salmon, the coho salmon, the pink salmon, then the chum salmon.

Chum, also called dog salmon for its long, sharp teeth, is still pretty good when smoked in spite of its low oil content and coarse flesh.

Bright skinned ocean caught chums (called "Silverbrite" salmon, for marketing purposes) are the best quality of this type. When the fish have entered fresh water during the spawn, the flesh degrades quickly, becoming much less palatable.

Preparing and Smoking Salmon

Getting your salmon ready for the smoker involves several steps of preparation. One of those steps is making and using the salmon brine.

After the salmon is brined, it's smoked. Learn how to smoke salmon here. If you don't have a smoker to cook your salmon, this grill smoked salmon technique will have you creating good quality smoked salmon on your gas grill.

A Collection of Smoked Salmon Recipes

The following recipe collection includes some for creating your smoked salmon, a few brine recipes, and others that use that wonderful delicasea as an ingredient.

Those include recipes for smoked salmon appetizers, dip, pasta, chowder, and spread. I know you'll enjoy these dishes as much as my family and I have.

Smoked Salmon Chowder - Awesome! Because this chowder starts with frying bacon! Then the usual potatoes and onions and milk. Smoked salmon is added, then the bowls are topped guessed it! Crumbled bacon bits.

Smoked Salmon Brine - This is a basic recipe for salmon brine that can be used to prepare up to 10 pounds of salmon fillets for smoking.

Salmon Marinade - Use this tasty marinade before grill-smoking your salmon.

Smoked Salmon Dip - An excellent dip, and a great way to use some of your excellent smoked salmon you made with one of the recipes on this page.

Recipe for Smoked Salmon - This smoked salmon recipe is sweet and smoky. The brine is made with fresh orange juice, along with a few different sweeteners and spice. Smoked with alder wood, this is a great one for grill smoking or cooking on the good ol' meat smoker!

Peppered Smoked Salmon Recipe - Use a basic brine to cure this salmon, then season it with coarse black pepper. After it's smoked, it looks great and tastes better!

Smoked Sturgeon Recipe - This ain't salmon, but it's pretty darned good! Take a look at the big sturgeon I caught, too! Had to let it go it was so big.