Smoker Thermometers Are The Most Important Tool

Perfectly smoked foods require precise smoker thermometers. How else will you know that the meat has reached the exact temperature for the ultimate in flavor and texture? A thermometer for your meat smoker can be one of several different styles.

The most popular type these days is the remote meat thermometer. The display sits outside the smoker. Connected to the display by wire is a probe.

Insert the probe into the center of your brisket or pork roast, turn on the digital thermometer, and watch that temperature rise! Most remote thermometers have alarms that can be set to go off at a preset temperature.

The best include a wireless remote pager with a working range of up to one hundred feet. You can monitor your smoking brisket from the indoor kitchen or from the other side of the house.

Smoker Thermometers Monitor The Temperature of Cooking Meats

Analog Dial Thermometers - These inexpensive dial thermometers don't mount permanently as do other dial type thermometers.

All have a wide base that can be sat on the grate right next to your smoking meat. This gives you an accurate reading, telling you the exact temperature the meat's cooking at.

Since they're so inexpensive, it's nice to have two or three so you can place them in multiple locations to find hot spots and cool spots -- it's the rare smoker that maintains the same temperature no matter where it's checked.

Other styles include handheld digital thermometers, analog dial pocket thermometers, temperature safe meat thermometers, and also thermometers that mount on the lid of your smoker.

Use smoker thermometers to keep a close watch on the temperature of your smoking meat and the airspace in the smoke chamber. Your foods will never be underdone or overdone...they'll always be just right!