Smoked Teriyaki Spareribs Are Marinated With Great Flavor

Mixing Up Some Teriyaki Rib Marinade

When grilled on the barbecue, these teriyaki spareribs are a nice change of pace from the typical American style barbecued ribs, with their dry rub seasonings and tomato based sauces. Serve up a batch of these the next time you invite the gang over for "barbecued" ribs and watch their reactions!

The word teriyaki refers to the cooking method used, and the shiny look the food has after being grilled. Almost any kind of meat or seafood can be cooked teriyaki style, including ribs.

When making teriyaki ribs, use small sections of pork spareribs. When I pick up my sparerib slab at the store, I'll ask the butcher to cut the ribs into strips about two inches wide. I'll separate the strips into individual ribs before marinating them.

Another option would be to go with some beef flanken style short ribs. Totally different than pork ribs, I know, but they'd still be great!

Making The Teriyaki Spareribs Marinade

You'll need about twelve ounces (one bottle) of teriyaki sauce per slab of ribs. Add a tablespoon of brown sugar, two chopped green onions, one-half teaspoon of chopped garlic, and a half-teaspoon of grated fresh ginger to each bottle of sauce used.

The trick to this recipe is to make sure the ribs are marinated long enough. I soak the small rib sections in the teriyaki sauce for three days in the refrigerator, mixing it around once each day.

The extended marinade time will change the texture of the meat, while shortening the amount of cooking time needed.

Grill the teriyaki spareribs over medium-high heat, turning often. When the meat begins to brown, move it to a cooler part of the grill and cook covered, using the indirect grilling method. The ribs will be done in about one hour or so, depending on the heat of the grill.

For a different flavor the ribs can be smoked at 225 degrees for two to three hours, or until done. The smoky flavor goes along well with the taste of the sweet teriyaki sauce.

Just before serving brush on a layer of teriyaki sauce, straight out of the bottle. This will give them another layer of flavor and a little bit of sweetness to boot.

Serve these with stir fried vegetable and rice. And maybe a bottle or two of saki would be the appropriate drink with these ribs.