Types of Pork Ribs

I love pork ribs! All types of pork ribs! Baby back...country style...spareribs...just what do the names mean? How do you tell one from the other? Let's find out...

The Different Types of Pork Ribs


Slabs of spareribs are meaty and pretty darn tender. They are the lower half of the rib cage of the porker, and include a piece of the sternum on the lower front edge.

Whole spare rib slabs can be trimmed to become St. Louis style slabs or Kansas City style slabs, depending on which parts are taken off.

Baby Back Ribs

These are a bit more tender than the spare rib slabs, and look great. Little trimming, if any is needed before these babys go on the grill. But on the downside they have less meat and usually cost more per pound. These are also called loin back ribs and loin ribs.

Babyback ribs are the upper half of the rib cage, right next to the pork loin. That's why they are as tender and tasty as they are. Small slabs can weigh as little as 1-1/4 pounds, with the heavyweights weighing over 2-1/2 pounds.

Country Style Ribs

There are different varieties within this type of ribs. Shoulder blade country style ribs can be bone-in or boneless. Loin country style ribs are a bit more meaty with less fat than the blade style ribs.

Country style ribs typically contain a lot of fat throughout the meat, and are not the easiest to eat with the fingers. But because of the high fat content, you can count on them being tender and juicy.

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